Specialty Food Items

Café La Tartine’s Specialty Items are often savored again and again. Once you have tried them, you’ll know why!

breadpudding2Bread puddings 
with delicious crusts are served hot with caramel drippings.

Our patrons love our quiches. With their tasty ingredients and freshly made deliciously flakey crust, they are nothing short of perfect.


Fresh made Foccacia and Ciabbatta breads are also a big part of why people come to Café La Tartine, both of which are used for our sandwiches.
Home made meat filled pasties are tasty comfort food for any occasion.
Our Mango Chicken salad is another favorite with the regulars. With its garden-to-table local ingredients and perfectly grilled chicken, this is a treat for any appetite, as are all of our specialty dishes!